Healthy breakfast spots to try in London

Two things that make me very happy 1) discovering healthy cafes & 2) having a like minded friend who gets just as excited as I do. She and I have started, what we are calling, our healthy breakfast tour at home in London. The following two places have been great finds and really lived up to our high expectations (did I mention we love breakfast?).

First stop on the breakfast tour was the Mae Deli. Since we were both familiar with Deliciously Ella’s cookbooks and have used them quite a bit we knew what we were in for. We arrived at 8AM, before work, and were the first ones there when the doors opened up. The staff were really helpful, answering our many questions about all the ingredients and how things were made. I finally settled on the chia seed pudding topped with almond butter and a matcha latte. The seating downstairs is cozy and relaxed, we lost track of time chatting away over our matcha lattes. I love places like this where you don’t have to question the ingredients, you know anything you order will not only be delicious but using fresh, local and natural foods. We will be back next week to check out the dinner. Can’t wait!


Next up was Maple & Fitz. This snug spot located on Berners Street in Fitzrovia was a wonderful surprise. Not hearing much about it beforehand I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Again we were the first to arrive when they opened the doors at 8AM. The chef walked in after us and came straight over to greet us and confirm our order. I had the quinoa kick porridge (quinoa, cinnamon, dates, chopped pecans, banana) and a matcha latte (naturally). The meal definitely exceeded my expectations! The portions were massive and really delicious. There is so much more on the menu I want to try so we will be back soon!


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